Step inside
Experience our saunas and pools

Water, Steam, Salt, Heat & Fire

Notice how your body feels while experiencing the elements. This is the foundation of our wellness universe

Step inside.... peace and tranquillity are waiting for you. Look forward to the warmth of our many saunas and enjoy the calming effect of the water around you. Raw nature surrounds us. You can hear and feel it in the wind on the roof terrace before sinking into our 36˚C warm rooftop Fjord Pool.

It’s all waiting for you on the west coast of Denmark

4 saunas, 3 beautiful pools, steam room & a wealth of other elements.

Spa Pool

Our largest pool - with lots of natural light from the large windows. Views over the Spa gardens and massage jets all around the pool for total relaxation.

At a steady 34˚C, the pool is lovely and warm, providing relaxation for body and muscles. Relax by the massage jets or float calmly on the surface. There is plenty of space for wellbeing.

Steam rooms

Feel how the blood flows more freely through the body and your skin releases toxins. Let the heat penetrate deep into the muscles and joints and release the tension.

The hot steam fills the lungs and is thought to be able to cleanse the nose and airways. Feel free to bring some ice cubes from our ice fountain and experience how it cools you during the intense steam experience.

Feel your body come alive and relax your mind...

36˚C Rooftop Fjord Pool

Feel alive on our roof terrace. All year round you can enjoy the elements - wind, sun, salt from the sea and occasionally raindrops whilst submerged in warm water.

The weather can be a fantastic contrast to the beautiful 36˚C warm water, and when you open your eyes the views to the fjord, the forest & the meadows are stunning.

In the summer you can relax in the loungers and enjoy the warming sun's rays and in the winter the heat of the pool is perfect and it makes it difficult to want to leave.

Saunas - let the heat in

Choose between Salt, Finnish, Aroma, or Infrared. Our many sauna experiences allow the heat to penetrate deeply and provide the opportunity to experience different levels of heat.

In our aroma and salt sauna, several senses come into play and you can enjoy the gentler warmth and experience the scent of the aromas and the taste of Himalayan salt on the tongue.

If you prefer a more intense heat, then try the Finnish sauna or a more gentle heat from the infrared sauna. We have the sauna experience for you.

RO for two - time alone just for you

RO for two is our private wellness suite. An exclusive suite reserved just for you, with beautiful views of the Spa gardens.

In the spacious bathtub, you can peacefully enjoy a relaxing steaming herbal bath. Salts, herbs, and aromas mingle in the air and penetrate your skin, while you just relax and enjoy a glass of bubbles and the time together.

RO for two is your personal time warp, filled with wellbeing.

RO for two is a treatment and can be ordered at reception.

RO for two - spa suite from DKK 450