The Spa Suite
Embrace the tranquillity

Embrace the tranquillity

This is your very own private corner of the Spa. A unique room made for two. Slip into one of the two large bathtubs and luxuriate in the relaxing warm water. Then experience some of the wonderful treatments for couples that we have designed especially for you.

Spa Suite - RO for Two

A truly unique room just for you two, with exceptional views of the spa garden.

With two spacious bathtubs, the tranquillity is enhanced with inviting aromas from the steaming herbal baths. Salts, herbs, and aromatic oils fill the air and penetrate your skin, and all you have to do is sit back, enjoy a glass of bubbles and savor your time together.

The Spa Suite is your time for relaxation and well-being.

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Get a 30% discount on the wonderful rituals when you visit our Spa on a weekday

If you visit the Spa from Sunday to Thursday, you can get a 30% discount on our selection of wonderful spa rituals. To book the ritual here.

Make sure to book in advance as there are limited times.


Rituals and Treatments

Milk Bath - 30 minutes - DKK 600 for two people

Goatmilk and nourishing oils from Kurland are dissolved in warm water. Milk baths are known to soften, add vitamins, and the skin heal. 
Inkl. a glass of champagne or alcohol-free, fruit & almonds.

Just for fun, why not enjoy a glass of milk and Oreos as your troubles soak away? 

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C- Vitamin Boost - 30 minutes - 700 DKK for two people

Step inside your private Spa Suite to the scent of fresh citrus notes, subdued cozy lighting, and beautiful views of the spa garden. In the bathtubs, a real boost for your body awaits you in the form of vitamin C from sea buckthorn and citrus, with juice from ginger roots. Get ready for serious pampering.

Luxuriate between lemon and find your inner peace.

Feel the cleansing effects on your skin and strengthen your system with a healthy glass of vitamin C shot.

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From the bar, we will serve you salted almonds, fresh fruit, and a cocktail.

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