Spa Breaks
An oasis of calm and tranquility

What is RO?

RO is a Danish way of being that encapsulates calm and tranquillity, inside oneself, as well as in the nature we are surrounded by. Fjordgaarden Spa is one of the very best places to find this peace and renew your energy in harmony with nature. That's why we have located our Spa and hotel right in the heart of the wild nature of West Denmark, so all roads lead to RO.

Visit the Spa as a Day Guest

We love RO.
But that doesn't mean we have to keep quiet about it - on the contrary. Let us help you find your way to peace and serenity. Below you will find three suggestions, for you, and whomever you dream of taking a quiet break with.

RO for Two

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A day in the Spa with soft bathrobes and fresh snacks, surrounded by wild West Jutland nature and in the company of your favourite person…
An evening with great food, a little something to drink, and TIME - just to be, and feel the moment.

Spa Break for Two in a Standard Room with a 2-course menu for dinner in the restaurant

Breathe deeply (ahhh) and feel the heat, the water, and the scents encompass you.

RO for Two from DKK 1,229 per person

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A little extra RO for Two

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Spa, soft bathrobes and fresh snacks, carefully selected delicious meals, surrounded by the wild West Jutland nature. Enticing open spaces and unique experiences are just waiting to be discovered.

Stay in the Spa Room - with bath and stunning views from the balcony and 4-course menu for dinner.

A chilled bottle of bubbles and chocolates await you in the room.

Extra RO for Two DKK 1,667 per person.

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Luxury RO

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Just for you ... Enjoy a well-deserved double dose of serenity, extra time and a break from everyday life.

Exquisite time for RO - Two days with access to the Spa, bubbles & chocolate in the Spa Room.

Two evenings with good food, where our chef has put together the menus, a little something good to drink, and TIME - just to be, and feel in the moment.

Luxury RO for Two from DKK 2,599 per person

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Time for RO

"Fjordgaarden's spa has been created to give a chance to be present in the moment and experience intense moments of serenity. We create the setting so you can step away from a busy life. With us there is no NOISE, only RO, PRESENCE and plenty of TIME for you"- Brian Madsen, Hotel Director