RO for Two - Short break with Spa and dinner

RO for Two - Short break with Spa and dinner

Pssst, do you feel like you deserve a dose of tranquillity in between the frenzy of everyday life? We know the feeling. And we have an idea for you. Imagine yourself here:

A full day in the Spa with soft bathrobes and fresh snacks, surrounded by wild West Jutland nature, and in the company of someone special…
Followed by an evening with good food, a little something to drink, and TIME - just to be and feel in the now.

Breathe deeply (ahhh) and let the warmth, the water, and the scents embrace you. Now just relax.

RO for to - Kurbad, Spa og Wellness på Fjordgaarden

You're almost there.
For almost no matter what your idea of tranquillity is, we have the answer here.

Slip into our Spa universe with saunas, pools inside and out, and sit back and let your thoughts wander away - all the way to us and your next Spa experience.
A visit to our restaurant, where the chefs have prepared the menu, and the only decision you have to make is what you would like to toast.

Get ready to pull the plug and find peace - just for you and with whomever you choose to share the experience.

Prices from 1285.5,- DKK per person sharing a double room*


From 7 November 2022 RO for Two can be booked with arrival Monday to Saturday.


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*Energy charge for spa stays with overnight stays is DKK 98 per night from 3 October 2022.

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RO for Two - Overnight break with entrance to our Spa contains:

  • Access to our Spa
  • Accommodation in a double room
  • Bathrobes, slippers, and towel
  • Fruit, snacks, and water ad libitum in the Spa
  • 2-course dinner of the chef's choice
  • Breakfast

You are welcome from when we open in the morning to when we say goodbye and thank you for a lovely day. We will make all the reservations - there must be room for tranquillity and rest after all.

Check-in at 2:30 pm
Check out at 10:30 am 

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