In the spring of 2020 we are opening our brand new sparetreat at Fjordgården.


Are you ready to get pampered? 

Kurbad Fjordgården - a spa retreat by the North Sea

We started building april 23rd and since then busy contracters and sophisticated machinery been hard at woork at our buildsite east of the hotel.

The blueprints are done and the foundation is layed. Now the building is being raised and soon we can welcome guests inside our new Kurbad Fjordgården - A sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation set in the wild nature of the danish west coast.

 Visualisering af spa og wellnessområde

Follow the construction process.

Watching the building take shape is an interesting proces and new developments occur every day. We will try our best to keep you updated on this page. On facebook and linkedin we will post photos and videos. 
At the bottom of this page you will be able to watch recent videos of the building proces.

We are excited and impatient. 

You can rest assured that we are both excited and impatient. The waiting period is excruciating.

During the buildingperiod we have som important moments. All through summer the construction will happen east of the hotel and from the current poolarea you will be able to keep up as the new biulding takes shape.

From august 11th it is time to start the proces in the existing wellnessarea, which means that the entire site will be under renovation. During this period it will not be possible to access our poolarea.

At Kurbad Fjordgården we look forward to offer you a variety of new and inspirring spatreatments - different saunas, a saltcave, relaxing therapi baths. We can hardly wait and hope to see you when we are reday in the spring of 2020.


We are ambitious on your behalf...

We will do everything to ensure your next visit. Do you have any doubts on how our construction will impact your stay? 

Don´t hestitate to contact us with the smallest inquiry at 0045 97 32 14 00.