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We are proud of our team at Fjordgaarden Spa. Everyone here is ENTHUSIASTIC and strives to give you a unique experience every time you visit us.

We have RESPECT for our products, treatments and our organisation. Our carefully selected treatment products from Comfort Zone are developed by scientific researchers and dedicated to SUSTAINABLE beauty with over 3,000 annual tests. They are 100% vegan and contain no dyes, silicone, sulphates or micro-plastics etc.

Comfort Zone products are manufactured using energy from renewable sources, are CO2 neutral, have recyclable packaging and use Green PE plastic. As a Danish spa, we only want to use products created from values ​​based on SUSTAINABLE material, and where processes are prioritised with consideration for the environment.


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We create an environment for our guests that allows room for PEACE and the opportunity to experience PRESENCE, or just being in the moment. All with a good conscience and in close contact with nature, whilst making every effort to fulfil our guests' wishes and needs.

Our wide range of Spa Rituals and Treatments is based on quality, HONESTY and TRANQUILITY.

Should anything at all not live up to your expectations, please do not hesitate to let the staff know, so we can ensure you have a great experience with us while you are here.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Spa, with TRANQUILITY and RO, and we are here for you.

Unfortunately, we have sold out of body treatments for July, but there are still free times for facials treatments.

We have got a new organic series home from the Italian brand Comfort Zone. We have fallen in love with this one and would like to share it with you at an exclusive start-up price.

The intro price for the new facial treatment is DKK 800, - the average price is DKK 1,050, -

Our new organically certified facial treatment lasts a little over an hour. With natural extracts and mild scents, we offer a comfortable and exclusive facial.

It contains deep skin cleansing, using an exfoliating mask that works instantly and progressively. During the treatment, the Spa's facial massage is performed, then a mask is applied according to your needs. To round off, toner, serum, and cream are used.

The treatment can be performed on all skin types, feel free to talk to the therapist before the treatment, so that the mask can be adapted to your individual needs.



The selection of spa treatments available consists of carefully selected treatments, that we adapt to the needs of different guests. All our products are from Comfort Zone.

It is possible to book treatments in the following periods:


Monday - Friday: 2 pm - 6 pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9 am - 6 pm


You can contact our Spa directly for booking and availability during the above periods, on +45 9675 0409. Otherwise, you can contact us around the clock on +45 9732 1400.



Facial treatment - 60 min - DKK 1.050

Remedy – Soothing, strengthening, and protective for sensitive skin

Comfort Zones Remedy line is a perfume-free treatment that soothes and rebuilds the skin´s protective barrier and nourishes the skin. With pre-biotics, Marula Oil, Marvel of Peru and Sunflower Lipids, the Remedy treatment provides nourishment and barrier protections and includes the exclusive Comfort Zone COMFORT TOUCH FACE MASSAGE that stimulates deep skin tissue.

Suitable for all sensitive skin types, especially reactive, red, warm, delicate, and fragile skin as well as fragrance sensitive.

For skin types with blemishes, acne, and rosacea, more gentle treatment is offered.


Body Treatments

Mud Wrap                                30 minutes                      650,00           DKK.

Pro-sleep                                 60 minutes                      850,00           DKK.  

Intense muscle release             60 minutes                      950,00           DKK.

Female touch                           60 minutes                     1050,00           DKK.


Treatment descriptions

Mud Wrap with thermal mud 30 minutes 650 DKK

Intensive whole-body wrap that begins with a skin-renewing fruit acid peel followed by a mask. Let your body be stimulated by algae and mineral-rich thermal water from Montalcino, Tuscany, known for its anti-cellulite and detoxifying effects. Exclusive essential oils deep cleanse the tissue, while Fucus and Laminaria algae reduce visible signs of cellulite.

For all skin and cellulite types. Unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and for thyroid disorders.


Pro sleep 60 minutes 850 DKK

A Comfort Zone signature treatment that works innovatively on your senses to provide the ultimate in relaxation and provide enhance sleep.

A unique blend of essential oils and the bespoke Tranquility™ Sound and TRANQUILLITY PRO-SLEEP MASSAGE provides a calm mind and puts your body in a state that promotes sleep and helps counteract burnout such as jet lag. The synergy of an Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay massage, combined with the use of soft brushes will gently guide you to a deeply relaxed state.

Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax, and have trouble sleeping well. Ideal after long periods of stress or traveling to a new time zone. You will feel like a new person and your skin will feel silky soft.


Release – full body massage - 60 minutes – 950 DKK

Relaxing full-body massage with firm pressure on trigger points. The massage is developed by Comfort Zone and is administrated with Comfort Zone Blend, oil, and lotion from their Tranquility line. 

The blend is made from essential oils and amaranth oil. They are made with maximum consideration for cleanliness and sustainability. Tranquility Body cream also contains amaranth oil and is extra nourishing. The body oil is of 89% natural origin.


Female touch – 60 minutes – 1.050 DKK
Female touch is a body treatment and gentle full-body massage including facial treatment and décolleté, if desired - also suitable for pregnant women. Developed by Comfort Zone.

A massage ritual that is closely linked to ancient massage traditions from four world regions, Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian, brought together in the exclusive Comfort Zone AROMASOUL ELEMENTS MASSAGE. 

Treat your body to deep relaxation and a complete sensory experience for body and mind.

Experience well-being and relaxation with this treatment.

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