Gourmet RO
Gourmet breaks at Fjordgaarden

Take your time - relax at Restaurant Fjordgaarden

From sea to plate and from farm to fork. Every step of the way is important ...

... when cooking in the kitchen at Fjordgaarden. Because we want to make sure that you get the best possible dining experience. Gourmet RO is our offer for a gastronomic experience. A stay where you, as our valued guests, only have to think about taste and well-being. Your experience is what counts the most and that is why we choose our raw materials carefully.

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We work closely with our suppliers giving us the highest quality to work with.

In the kitchen, we lovingly take care of the ingredients and make sure that they reach your plate with taste and flavours intact. Local ingredients give us a fresh starting point. They deserve respect and enable us to think about sustainably in the journey from the producer to your plate.

Gourmet RO - Overnight stay with 3 course dinner

Go ahead and take your time. Find the serenity with us at Fjordgaarden and come into our restaurant for 3 courses - made with care from seasonal ingredients. Be seated at a lovely table and experience Gourmet RO - afterwards an overnight stay, and a wonderful breakfast awaits, before the day's experiences.

Surrounded and inspired by West Jutland's nature, water and wind, we offer you a dose of tranquility and a break from the noise of everyday life.


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Gastronomy at Fjordgaarden

"Expect a present and local restaurant that uses many ingredients from local producers - a sustainable West Jutland contribution with great taste. The raw ingredients are entitled to respect and when we work with them, we highlight and develop the flavours for unique experiences" - Brian Madsen, Hotel Director