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Take time for RO

‘RO’ is the Danish expression meaning calm and tranquillity, and as soon as you arrive at Fjordgaarden, you will feel the calm amidst the wildness of everyday life. Surrounded and inspired by West Jutland's nature, water and wind, we offer one of Denmark's best Spa experiences and tasty gastronomic delights.

This is how we create the perfect setting for your quiet break.

Fjordgaarden is RO. 
For you and to those with whom you take a break.

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We (yes, most of us actually) generally miss the peace and tranquillity of life. And specifically, a physical and mental break from a busy everyday life with time to cultivate neglected relationships. And Fjordgaarden is the answer.

But even if the answer is simple, the options are many. Tranquillity can be many things: a walk in fresh West Jutland winds, hours of self-indulgence in the Spa, a much-needed massage, a long nap in warm loungers, the serving of a well-prepared meal, immersion in a good book, time for long talks and new experiences, or simply taking time out to do nothing.

Fjordgaarden offers all that. Fjordggaden offers tranquillity in all its forms with space for exactly what you need.

An invigorating getaway surrounded by sea, fjords, nature and history

Chose RO for a short break in West Jutland.

Wind, sun, sea, and sand between your toes. All year round you can get lost in the raw nature and experience the calmness and power when you fill your lungs with fresh air, listen to the waves, and taste the salt on your lips.

The sky is high - right outside the hotel doors. Whether by bike or on foot, wild nature and the North Sea are within easy reach.

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Spa - your road to RO

Pssst, get going... You know you need it. And you know who to bring.
Just you two... Get ready for a well-deserved dose of calm, a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We know the feeling well, and we have the right mini-break with Spa and Wellness* just for you.

*Childen must be 16 years old and older to enter the spa. An adult must always accompany a child.

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