Coronavirus / COVID-19
Questions and answers about Coronavirus / COVID-19

Fjordgaarden is open and follows the advice of the Danish authorities.

Fjordgaarden has plenty of open space and is a perfect location to follow the authorities' instructions regarding social distancing. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the hotel, and all employees are acutely focused on avoiding the spread of infection.

We consciously allocate guest rooms to avoid congestion. We acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and take all precautions we can to remedy the problem.

Due to COVID-19 and the accompanying circumstances, as well as guidelines from the Danish Health Authority, we have chosen to adapt our daily operations and initiated a series of measures and efforts to ensure our guests and staff feel safe and secure at Fjordgaarden. All our employees have been given detailed information about COVID-19 and instructions based on the measures we have taken and the recommendations of the authorities. We naturally follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Danish authorities.

On this page, you will find updated information and answers to the most common questions we receive right now. Questions about what we do to reduce the spread of the virus, our cancellation and rebooking policy, opening hours, what applies to the restaurant, and how we act within the hotel.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also recommend that you stay updated on the COVID-19 developments in Denmark, and we refer to


What does Fjordgaarden do to reduce the spread of infection?

The safety of our guests and our staff is our highest priority, and we therefore carefully follow the recommendations and guidelines of the Danish authorities.

It is essential that when you are a guest with us, you are healthy. Just as it is imperative that those who work at Fjordgaarden are healthy. You must go home if you experience symptoms of illness. This applies to both guests and employees.

We decided early on to introduce extended routines for cleaning the hotel. There will be an increased cleaning rate throughout the hotel with extra sanitising of the areas that are often touched by guests. Public spaces, door handles, furniture, keys, remote controls, credit card terminals, etc. are all washed with disinfectant several times daily.
All public toilets are cleaned frequently in the period between 08:00 to 22:00.

Restaurant & Bar

We will not have buffets, and we have, therefore changed our breakfast buffet to table served breakfasts with freshly brewed coffee or tea.

We have reduced the capacity in our restaurant and bar, and we keep a minimum of 1-meter distance between chairs, we have no more staff in the areas than is necessary, one person per m2. We have removed our bar stools, so we avoid being face to face for more than 15 minutes with our staff. We hope you will follow our directions regarding hand sanitiser, washing hands, and social distancing instructions, so we can ensure we all have a pleasant experience.

What does the Fjordgaarden team do?

Hand sanitiser is available throughout the entire hotel and is regularly used by all staff as well as guests. Above all, we are careful about the health of our employees, and we have meticulous routines to ensure that no-one comes to work with the slightest sign of illness.

In what situation should I avoid visiting Fjordgaarden?

As we assume our responsibility, we ask you as a guest to understand your responsibility by:

If you have travelled to a hazardous area, wait to visit us for at least two weeks after returning home. An updated list of risk areas can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Do not visit us if you have been in contact with someone who has been found to be infected with COVID-19.
Stay home if you are not otherwise healthy or have a cough, fever or cold.

Other general advice

We encourage all our guests to protect themselves and others from infection by following the health authorities' recommendations.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 30 seconds.
Use hand sanitiser as a supplement.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Avoid shaking hands when greeting.
Avoid larger gatherings of people.
Stay at home if you are sick.
Older guests and those with chronic illness should social distance and ensure others do the same.
Always cough and sneeze in your elbow crease or paper tissue.

Follow these simple steps, and together we can ensure a safe environment that we can all enjoy.

Public gatherings

As a result of the Danish Government's decision on banning public assemblies of more than 100 people, we have taken the following precautions.

Can I hold meetings or conferences at Fjordgaarden?

Meetings and conferences in our conference rooms are permitted if they are not more than 100 delegates. They must be closed to the public and not freely available.

Of course, the other guidelines apply to being healthy, washing hands and socially distancing, also apply to meetings and conferences.

How do I rebook a stay?

If you want to rebook your stay, we are ready to help. Contact the reception by email at, and we will find a solution together. You will find the contact details in your booking confirmation.


Is it safe to eat in your restaurant? YES

Of course, we follow the latest guidelines from the authorities to ensure that our guests can keep a safe distance from each other. With that said, we understand if you feel anxious about eating out, and therefore you can always have your food delivered to the room.

We have taken several steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and making you, as a guest, feel comfortable and to be able to enjoy your visit with us fully.

In practice, we have implemented the following precautions:

We have reduced the number of tables in our restaurant. We have hand sanitiser available in several places in the restaurant that are regularly used by our staff, and we encourage guests to do the same.
For lunch and dinner, we offer à la carte, and our breakfast is now served to your table.

Do you offer room service?

We do! If you would rather enjoy your meal in the room, we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as room service.

Spa & Pools

Is it safe to use your Spa and Pool facilities?
Yes. As always, safe levels of chlorine are added to pools according to the local Municipality's instructions and recommendations to ensure that dangerous bacteria and viruses are killed.

Limiting the number of guests
Right now there are far fewer guests with us than usual. Therefore, there is no need to worry about social distancing in our Spa or other areas.

There are signs with the maximum numbers of guests permitted in all our facilities, and we still encourage all our guests to keep a safe distance and follow the capacity instructions on the information boards. We also remind all our guests to shower before using the Spa.

Under 16’s
Our usual age limit in our Spa area is still valid.

Cancellation / rebooking
Cancellation and rebooking terms & conditions

Many people want answers regarding cancellation and rebooking, so please expect a little longer response time than usual. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond as quickly as we would like for all your questions right now, so we have put together the most common questions here.

Information for private guests

How close to arrival can I cancel my stay?

You can cancel your stay up to 24 hours before arrival for free. Contact us at; remember to give your reservation number. Please have your reservation number available to make it easier for yourself and us.

Business guests
What if I have a booked conference or meeting?
For companies that have booked a conference or meeting with us, the usual cancellation terms apply.

Our business guests, as always, are vital to us right now, which is why we would be incredibly happy if you want to plan and book your summer meetings or autumn conferences with us.

We will do our utmost to make you feel secure and flexible regarding the cancellation conditions. Send an email to the reception at, and we will tell you more.

Contact us (and have a little extra patience!)
We have an unusually high demand at present, and we hope you understand that it may take a little longer for us to answer your queries.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we also recommend that you stay updated on the COVID-19 development in Denmark, at


Here you will find our contact information.
If you have any questions for our reception they can be contacted at

It is an unusual situation at the moment, and it is important to us that our guests are always well informed and up to date on our COVID-19 actions and procedures. We are therefore continually updating this page.

We naturally follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Danish authorities.

All employees have been given detailed information about COVID-19 and instructions based on the authorities' recommendations.

We have introduced comprehensive hand hygiene requirements for our employees based on the recommendations of the authorities.
We have displayed the National Board of Health's good advice on hygiene in all areas of the hotel.

We have extra hand sanitiser throughout the hotel for staff and guests.

Extended cleaning procedures: Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces, such as door handles and card terminals.

We have clear procedures for dealing with colleagues who show signs of illness.

Of course, should we experience a case of Coronavirus with one of our employees, we will immediately contact the health authorities and implement a coordinated action plan based on their recommendations and guidelines.

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