Spa Day
Discover our luxury wellness & spa universe

What you can look forward to on a Spa Day

Take a day out of the calendar and find tranquillity in our Spa.

At Fjordgaarden, you will discover a brand new spa and wellness universe.

Step inside.... to a world of peace and tranquillity. Look forward to the warmth of our many saunas and enjoy the calming effect of the water around you. Raw nature surrounds us. You can hear and feel it in the wind on the roof terrace before sinking into the 36˚C rooftop Fjord Pool.

A Spa Day can contain many elements. Choose the day that best suits you.

Give yourself time for RO

Did you know.....?

 … RO is the Danish word that means a state of serenity and tranquillity? Our Spa is one of the very best places to find inner peace and renew your energy while surrounded by nature. That's why we have located our Spa and hotel right in the middle of the wild, West Jutland nature -  with all roads leading to RO.

It’s all waiting for you on the west coast of Denmark

4 saunas, 3 beautiful pools, steam room & a wealth of other experiences.

Take a look inside

Everyday RO

Pssst!...You know you deserve a day of calmness and tranquillity amongst the frenzy of everyday life. A full day in the Spa, with plush bathrobes and fresh snacks, listening to the wild West Jutland nature just outside. Slip into our Spa universe with saunas with pools, inside and out. Then simply sit back relax and let your mind wander.

Day Spa Entrance: Monday - Thursday, DKK 400 per person

You must book a time before arrival.

Book time for RO - Call +45 9732 1400 Buy Everyday RO

Weekend RO

Add a sprinkle of RO to your weekend.

The Spa is just what’s needed to sweeten your weekend. Relax in plush bathrobes and enjoy fresh snacks whilst listening to the wild West Jutland nature right outside. Luxuriate in our spas, saunas, and pools inside and out. We look forward to welcoming you.

Weekend Spa Entrance: Friday - Sunday, DKK 500 per person

BOOK Weekend RO +45 9732 1400 Buy Weekend RO

Evening RO

Before joining us at the Spa, we will find you a cosy spot in our restaurant, so you can enjoy an aperitif, followed by a delicious two-course meal from the chef's menu.

After dinner, a beautiful evening awaits in the Spa, relaxing in plush bathrobes and enjoying fresh snacks whilst listening to the wild West Jutland nature right outside. Free access to our many saunas and large pools.

The rooftop Fjord Pool is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset and the evening sky.

Evening RO Weekdays DKK 599 per person. Valid from Sunday - Thursday

Evening RO Weekend DKK 699 per person. Valid from Friday - Saturday

BOOK Evening RO +45 9732 1400

Buy Evening RO Weekend Buy Evening RO Weekdays

Morning RO

A quiet morning in the Spa begins in our restaurant.

Take your time over our extensive breakfast selection with a glass of sparkling wine. Afterwards, it's time for RO in soft bathrobes and free access to our many saunas and pools.

Morning RO Weekdays DKK 599 per person. Valid from Monday - Thursday

Morning RO Weekend DKK 659 per person. Valid from Friday - Sunday

BOOK Morning RO +45 9732 1400

Buy Morning RO Weekend Buy Morning RO Weekdays

Check-in to RO

Find practical information here regarding...

  • Opening Hours
  • Spa Etiquette
  • COVID-19 FAQ’s
  • And much more...

We have tried to answer common concerns here, however, If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us on +45 9732 1400.

Check-in to RO - All you need to know

Turn your Spa Day into a Spa Stay.

No need to rush off at the end of the day.

Enjoy more time, more wellness, and more pampering. With a Spa mini-break, you can slip into our lovely beds after a relaxing day and, when you wake up fresh and energised, you can take your time over our fabulous breakfast, for even more RO.

Make extra time to experience the nature around the hotel, visit the North Sea coast and the nearby historic Danish town of Ringkøbing.

If one day is not enough, book a Spa Break