Getaways and events 

Hotel Fjordgården can provide more than a beautiful setting for an overnight stay. We continually work hard to ensure that we offer good experiences for our guests in every aspect of their stay. Several times a year, in association with local experts and attractions, we arrange different cultural experiences using the hotel as a base.

On the left we have some suggestions to inspire you for your next visit to Hotel Fjordgården. We have great deals on breaks and typically prices are much more favourable on packages.


Concerts and lectures in the hotel, accompanied by delicious culinary experiences, have been a regular part of Hotel Fjordgården for the last few years. It is always a pleasure to receive happy and excited guests, ready for an enthralling evening and we go out of our way to ensure every guest has a exceptional experience.

Right outside the hotel is the magnificent nature of western Jutland. The fjords, the sea and the sand dunes are worth a trip at all times of the year. At the hotel you can borrow bicycles and get out close to nature.

The rich history is clear in the cozy, cobblestone streets of Ringkøbing and all along the west coast, the World War II bunkers are a silent witness to the events up to 1945. Several times a year, Hotel Fjordgården arranges historical tours around the area, together with local experts.


Hotel Fjordgården, in Ringkøbing, is central to several of the country's best golf courses and we know what it takes to make a golf trip a success. We have a good working relationship with all of the golf clubs in the area as well as and we will be happy to help with booking tee times.

At the hotel we have our own spa and wellness centre, offering a wealth of pampering and we have put together several packages, where you can enjoy the hotel, the spa and each other at Fjordens Wellness.



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