The right glass
The perfect wine glass enhances aroma and taste

The importance of glass shape

Finding the right wine to complement your meal can be a mission in itself, but few people are aware quite how significant the glass is for enhancing the taste and experience of wine.

At Fjordgaarden we import our wines directly, and have a good relationship with the Charles Baur Estate in the heart of the Alsace wine region, as well as the Brunelli family who supply our great Amarone wines.

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Different tastes in various glasses

When deciding on a wine, whether it’s a big Amarone from Brunelli, or a crisp and fruity Riesling from Charles Baur, the glass it’s poured into is just as important as the wine. It’s difficult to believe, but the glass itself can be of crucial importance to the experience of the wine.

In the Brasserie at Fjordgaarden, we have chosen to invest in glasses from the legendary Austrian company Riedel, who, for 270 years have specialised in the art of glassmaking. Recently, they have developed the Veritas range, glasses adapted to the particular characteristics of each type of grape.

On our wine list, we have a large selection of wines which, when served in the right glass, will unfold and present themselves in their entirety.

Our new wine glasses: Riedel Veritas

We could write more pages about our experience with these new glasses, but have tried to restrict ourselves to this shorter description:

Veritas Riesling / Zinfandel

In our wine cellars we have a wide selection of wines from Charles Baur, who, with their location in the Rhine Valley, supply wines based on the Riesling grape. The slim shape of the glass and the relatively wide opening give room for a white wine with a large flowering bouquet and is completely different served in a slim glass, with the aroma concentrating in the nose while drinking. It will lose much of the experience if it is served in a spacious glass with a large opening, as the smell that adds a lot to the taste experience disappears.

Veritas New World Shiraz

This wine glass will be what you typically meet when you arrive at the Brasserie. The spacious form of the glass provides ample room for the rich aromas that stem from our Italian Brunelli wines, as well as the rich and fruity subtle nuances of berries that characterise the New World wines from, among others, Australia.

Veritas New World Pinot

Rosé, champagne, selected red wines such as Barolo are beautiful in this glass and, in particular, it offers the experience a glass of champagne really should be. This summer we will look forward to serving you a light red wine from Bardolino in this glass.

Veritas Old World Pinot

Burgundy wines, with their lighter colour and softer flavours, are perfect in this glass, delivering the more refined shades on the tongue. The aroma is concentrated by the narrower opening and therefore enhances the experience when drinking.

Veritas Oaked Chardonnay

The glass is almost spherical and wide open to better accommodate the nuanced yet powerful scent, taste and oily structure that characterises many Chardonnay wines, which can be overwhelming. In this glass, the subtle nuances of the wine can better emerge, and the fascinating structure is more apparent in the mouth.